EDC 2 Estrous Detector for Cows and Mares

The device was designed for an effective, easy and comfortable examination, to minimize stress for the animal and the breeder, and to ensure their safety.


A reduction in the signs of estrous, or their complete disappearance, can be indicative of several causes. The most important of these include, among others: stress, improper nutrition, the size of the herd, and disease.

Effective insemination among cows and mares is influenced by the proper cycles of physiological processes. This requires breeders to ensure the appropriate standard of nutrition, living and care for the animals.


Approximate unit weight
540 g
Dimensions 51 x 8 x 19 cm
Probe length 43 cm
Power supply four 1.5 V AA type batteries (LR6)
Battery status indication graphic
Battery low indication automatic
Power consumption from 11 mA to 54 mA
(depending on the set backlight intensity)
Measurement control
single chip microcomputer
Estimated continuous working time on one alkaline battery pack 209 hours – brightness set to 0%
95 hours – brightness set to 30%
Display LCD display with LED backlighting, diagonal 2.4
Keyboard membrane
Data transmission via USB
Update via USB
Data recording internal memory
Memory capacity 250 animals / 200,000 measurements with date and time
Measurement range 0-1,000 units
Additional functions real time clock, LED backlighting,
pop-up menu, saving the results,
software for data transmission and analysis (reports, graphs, printouts, archiving),
independent software update
Measurement resolution 10 units
Recommended working temperature from 10° to 45°C
Recommended storage temperature from 5° to 50°C
EAN code 5906874410141