Determination of Phosphorus

Sample preparation mineralizer D 8P for determination of Phosphorus

Determination of Phosphorus

Mineralizer BEGER D 8P is designed to accelerate the determination of Phosphorus in plant materials, feed and fodder raw materials.

Field of usage – industrial laboratories of the factories that store and processing grain and cereal products, quality control laboratories of food products and research institutions.

Previously, the process of sample preparation was quite long and time-consuming; it took a lot of time and effort of the operator. Our company has developed a completely new mineralizer BEGER that has no analogues and successfully copes with this problem.

The mineralizer BEGER D 8P is used in the analysis by wet ashing, because dry ashing requires more time and energy. In the time of a dry ashing the sample is processed in a muffle furnace at T 525-550 ºC for 5-6 hours, while the power consumption is at least 2 kW•hour, by using the mineralizer D 8P in a wet ashing method, costs are reduced to 0.8 kW•hour, and the analysis takes less than 1 hour.

The construction material of mineralizer D 8P is made of AISI 304 stainless steel epoxy powder coated. Aluminium is installed inside the cavity block in which the equal heating of eight samples comes simultaneously. The range of heating temperature is from 25 °C to 400 °C, which is sufficient for the process of sample combustion. The process is controlled by microprocessor PID controller. The set temperature is displayed on the LED display device. The flasks are placed on special racks in 2 rows of 4 pieces at 45 ° angle, which allows the sample to be fixed and eliminate spattering when heated.

Number of samples 8
Dimensions (W x D x H) 390x400x280 mm
Control Microprocessor PID controller
Power 800 W
Heating range 25 to 400 °С
Flasks volume 50 ml
Weight 7 kg

Main features of the Mineralizator D 8P:

  • The newest device has no analogues that provide the mineralization process
  • Analysis for up to 8 samples of 50 ml simultaneously
  • Saving of electricity, working time and reagents
  • Compact dimensions – space saving
  • Flasks placing at 45º that prevents splashing of the sample during heating
  • Closed heating aluminium block
  • The temperature range is from 25 ºC to 400 ºC
  • Temperature control
  • Control by microprocessor PID controller

What’s Included:

Carrier rack, set of flasks (8 x 50 ml), stand for holding flasks up to 45º angle (2 pcs), power cord with plug, manual.

Ordering Information:

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