Heating Mantles

Universal Heating Mantles UHP

Определение фосфора

Heating mantles are used for the daily grind, where heating of liquids is required.

The housing of heating mantle UHP BEGER Company is made of stainless steel coated with a chemical resistant paint. These devices are made in three versions – UHP 1, UHP 4 and UHP 6.

Heating mantles UHP are universal because they allow to use flasks of different volumes and shapes. Due to removable adapters units may be used for flat-bottom flasks of various volumes, and with hemispherical adapters for round bottom flasks of 250 ml and 500 ml. The removing of hemispherical adapter by easy movements permits to use round and flat-bottom flasks at the same time. In addition, the important advantage is the independent operation of each heating element, which allows to use only part of the plate.

The special alloy let to achieve an equal heating of the adapter’ surface and thus liquids in the round bottom flask. The maximum heating temperature reaches 350 °C. The intensity of the heating may be regulated by the thermostat from 0 to 100% in 10% steps.

Flask size from 50 ml
Heating plate diameter 94 mm
UHP 1 500 W
UHP 4 2000 W
UHP 6 3000 W
Temperature range up to 350 °С
Power selection 0 to 100% – 10% steps
Dimensions with stand (W x D x H)
UHP 1 163 х 277 х 635 mm
UHP 4 556 х 277 х 635 mm
UHP 6 816 х 277 х 635 mm
Dimensions w/o stand (W x D x H)
UHP 1 163 х 277 х 135 mm
UHP 4 556 х 277 х 135 mm
UHP 6 816 х 277 х 135 mm
UHP 1 3,6 kg
UHP 4 10 kg
UHP 6 14 kg

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