Digester IDU 12

Automatic infrared 12 place digestion system IDU 12

Digester IDU 12

Infrared digestion unit IDU 12 is suitable for a variety of applications where carrying out the process of digestion is required, including the extraction of nitrogen by the Kjeldahl method. Mineralization procedure is the most time-consuming process, and sometimes takes a few days; the BEGER company has developed and released the programmable infrared digesters to help laboratories.

Thanks to infrared rays the heating process occurs almost immediately, which allows saving the time and it is an important factor, especially if a large number of analyses needed. While placing the flasks in two rows for 6 pieces of the 12 place Digester they are heating from all sides by infrared rays, so the impact occurs simultaneously on all of the flasks and therefore maintaining a uniform temperature for all samples.

Digesters are used to convert the sample into a simpler form for a further analysis by steam distillation or other methods, depending on the assay.

The housing is made of chemically resistant epoxy powder coated AISI 304 stainless steel. The rack is equipped with hafts for easy transportation of the samples.

Our company propose to increase the number of test positions due to the user’s requirements. The optional rack is available on request; this will allow professionals to make the required number of tests, without making physical labour.

The device is controlled by a microprocessor unit with a TFT graphic display. User has the ability to set and change the power and heating range independently. Operator may easily make the device ineffective at any time, and the data embedded in the program are not removed, just stopped and it could be continued at any moment.

The digester is equipped with the functional testing system of the infrared heaters, and it will store the last action and restore without crashing the program in the cases of power supply collapse.

All devices are equipped with a simple exhaust system and a set of flasks according to the number of samples.

The ability of programming and changing the device operation makes it more versatile and the easy way of use allows you to solve more tasks.

Rated voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Power 1400 W
Number of samples 12
Temperature range ±450 °С
Dimensions (W x D x H) 550 × 430 × 730 мм
Weight 16 kg
Number of Programs 20
Number of steps in the Program 10
Time range for a step 0 … 99 min in a 1 min
Digestion time 1 to 990 min
Power range 0 … 100% with 1% step

What’s Included:

Digestion unit, set of flasks, power cord with plug, operating instruction (manual) with CD.

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