Distillation units

The BEGER assessing the needs and capabilities of the customers has designed a range of apparatus for steam distillation with different functional range and price line.

BEGER distillation units SDU series for steam distillation is suitable for many applications such as determining ammoniacal nitrogen, protein nitrogen (using the Kjeldahl method), nitric nitrogen (after reduction), phenols, volatile fatty acids, and also the alcohol content.

Steam distillation series consist of 4 models that differ among themselves by functionality: from manually operated machines to fully automatic. Using the BEGER equipment you get the security, reliability and ease of operation.

Steam distillation apparatus SDU is a reliable assistant in your laboratory. The device is a good investment thanks to the Four Save technology: energy, time, space and money saving.

Ease of the steam distillation unit is confirmed by its functionality. All the necessary functions are available by a single keystroke on an adapted screen. The working process may be observed through the transparent door and all the working information are displayed at a 6 inch LCD. The functionality of the steam distillation unit SDU can satisfy both the experienced and the most demanding users, and those who just acquainted with this type of equipment.

All models guarantee the security, performance, comfort and reliability. The steam distillation unit SDU can work independently and with infrared digestion unit IDU.

Features of Distillation units:
SDU 100 SDU 200 SDU 300 SDU 400
Automatic sodium hydroxide dispensing + + + +
Automatic water dispensing - + + +
Automatic boric acid dispensing - - + +
Automatic residues removal - - - +
Power control + + + +
Catalogue number 114 101 0000 114 201 0000 114 301 0000 114 401 0000