Distillation unit SDU 100

Manual steam distillation unit SDU 100

Паровой дистиллятор SDU 100 с ручным управлением

SDU 100 model is the simplest distillation unit for automatic steam distillation of samples that have passed digestion (for the analysis of nitrogen by the Kjeldahl method). Due to the large screen and convenient function via Touchscreen user can easily set the desired amount of added alkali, and the distillation time and may continue to monitor the implementation of these functions automatically. The costs of electricity is reducing thanks to the power control, which cannot be overlooked by owners. Distillation apparatus is equipped with a precision pump with calibration function that allows adding the amount of alkali programmed by the operator and regulating the flow of water depending on the operation of the distillation system.

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SDU housing is made of chemically resistant epoxy powder coated stainless steel.

It is impossible not to draw attention to such an important function as audio and visual alarms, which are indicators of safety. The distillation unit begins to work within complying with all the necessary steps to get started the operation. Regardless of whether you are near the unit or at the other end of laboratory, the beep will inform you of the error or the end of the distillation process. An error code or message of the completion of work will appear on the display.

The main feature of the steamСенсорный ЖК – дисплейdistillation apparatus is that it can operate in different modes: manual mode or automatic. Depending on the model of the distillation unit, automatic functions are more advanced. Thus, only alkali is added automatically to the steam distillation unit SDU 100 and all other should be dispensed manually. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should manually add water or boric acid; it’s implied the exhibiting of the required amount of reagent in manual mode and the distillation unit should add the specified quantity. This gives a uniqueness and versatility to the instrument.

The tubes placing is very convenient, as it allows easily and seamlessly extracting it. The tube is placed and held in the hole, which allows it to be securely fixed.

Display 6.0 inch touchscreen
Material Stainless Steel
Number of Programs one – user-defined
Power 2100 W
Weight 26 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 409 x 700 x 339 mm
Time of analysis Up to 5 min
Volume of sodium hydroxide 0 – 150 ml
Steam generation adjustment 40 – 100 %
Cooling water consumption Approx. 1 l/min
Rated voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Specific Features:

  • Automatic sodium hydroxide dispensing
  • Volume batching in ml
  • Power control
  • 6 inch touchscreen LCD
  • Easy and rapid change of tubes
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Attractive and practical design
  • Corrosion resistance and operating life
  • Delayed start timer

Areas of use

Food, grain, feed, fodder, environment. Perfect for laboratories with a diverse range of products.

Delivery set:

Distillation unit, receiving flask, flask for the steam distillation unit, power cord with plug, operating instruction (manual) with CD.

Ordering Information:

Distillation unit SDU 100

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