Scrubber SWP

Scrubber for vapours neutralization SWP

Scrubber for vapours neutralization SWP

Scrubber SWP is a unit for purification fumes from dust, acidic and alkaline impurities by absorption and neutralization.

The vapour extraction occurs via a pump built in the scrubber that draws gas and carries it to the alkali, where vapour, gas or dust is neutralized, and then is cleaned with water. The water is continuously recycled into the scrubber, which leads to significant savings. No need to connect to tap water and remove gases with its help while using this equipment. Interruptions with tap water or insufficient flow casting doubt on the use of conventional water jet pumps, and the BEGER company has offered the using of scrubbers SWP to solve this problem. Buying of the scrubber SWP is enough to exhaust this problem in the laboratory, as the SWP does not require connection to the water!

The gas purification process in scrubber may be seen as double vapor filtration through a depth filter, which consists of tiny droplets of liquid formed during crushing.

Material acid-resistant epoxy powder coated Stainless Steel
Power 100 W
Weight 11 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 395 x 410 x 345 mm
Airflow rate 16 l/min
Airflow adjustment 0 to 16 l/min

Ordering Information:

Скруббер SWP - кат.№614 000 00 02

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