Hydrolysis system HYD 1

Article: 514 101 00
Weibull-Stoldt method for fat sample preparation


BEGER hydrolysis equipment HYD is used for sample preparation for the determination of the total fat content in food and feed. Sample preparation by hydrolysis is essential for a good fat analysis result. HYD units provide a safe digestion of 1 up to 6 samples simultaneously.

The use of the Weibull-Stoldt method allows the destruction of matrix structures containing the fat fraction of food and feed samples.
Prior hydrolysis is carried out with hydrochloric acid for an hour.

The system is equipped with:
Heating block, a special condenser, stand with drip tray, 500 ml conical flask made of borosilicate glass with increased mechanical resistance, water connection hose, operating instruction, assembly instruction.