The BEGER laboratory equipment is a Slovenian company, a designer and manufacturer of analytical laboratory equipment. Our philosophy is the philosophy of quality! Our strategy is the bringing of products quality to the maximum!

The main activities is the production of equipment for the protein or nitrogen determination, fat determination, fiber analysis and sample preparation. The BEGER develops dynamically and plans to launch a new line of devices in the nearest future, while continuing to work on a constant searching for methods and ways to improve analysis process.

Careful design of the device, scrupulous selection of parts and components, integrated multiple testing and strict control at all stages of assembly, continuous searching and innovation are distinctive features of our devices and systems.

We are a customer-oriented company; we are able to see their needs and try to meet their requirements. Herewith, we succeeded to break the stereotype that the good quality product cannot be an inexpensive. Our equipment have moderate prices, and the warranty lasts for three years.

Despite our young age, the BEGER company successfully takes its place in the market and is willing to join you to build an effective business in promotion of high quality equipment and systems.


The responsibility for food safety is shared among all stakeholders involved in the production and marketing of foods. Integrated controls are required at all stages of production and in all sectors in line with the “farm to fork” principle that allows the creation of a systematic, comprehensive system covering all food in all sectors, replacing the current sector specific, patchwork of rules.


The food chain has become more complex in recent years with increasing liberalization of trade and expanding global distribution of food and feed. The ability to demonstrate adequate food controls are in place at all stages of production, processing and marketing is also necessary to remain competitive in the international market.