Product quality control is essential to operate in accordance with norms and requirements. The quality depends on the technical equipment of the laboratory. To meet the required standards only reliable devices should be used.

BEGER products comply with international standards. The devices are supplied in a proper working set with warranty and post-warranty service.

The main chemical components researched in food are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, dietary fibre.

When choosing a method for protein determination in food, attention is paid to operator safety, analysis time, compliance with international standards.

The classical Kjeldahl method is used to determine the organic protein content. The method involves three stages: digestion, distillation and titration.

Beger company has taken care of these steps with:

  • Mineralizers IDU for sample digestions
  • Distillers SDU for ammonia stripping
  • SWP scrubber for gas neutralization

To establish the nutritional value of products the content of "crude fat" is determined. Fat extraction is often carried out according to the Soxhlet method. The application of this method allows to determine the fat content in several samples simultaneously and to obtain comparable results.

For the determination of the mass fraction of fat, BEGER offers extraction units FAT 1, FAT 2, FAT 4, FAT 6 for 1, 2, 4 and 6 samples, respectively.

The generally accepted method for determining fibre and similar substances is the Henneberg Stoman method - boiling a product with weak acids and alkalis.

The FIBRE 6 unit is designed for the determination of crude fibre in cereals, food products and feed. Thanks to its versatility and analysis of up to 6 samples simultaneously, FIBRE 6 becomes an indispensable assistant in the laboratory.

Beger offers laboratory heating equipment - thermal digesters, hot plates, heating mantles.

Determination of phosphorus content occurs with preliminary mineralization of samples by dry or wet combustion. With "wet" mineralization the loss of phosphorus is much lower than with dry ashing. Mineralizers TDU 8 and TDUt 8 of BEGER are used for the analysis by the "wet" ashing method, that is less time-consuming and easy to use, does not require complex equipment.