Mineralization units TDU 8 and TDUt 8

Article: TDU 8 – 614 208 00
TDUt8 – 614 308 00
Sample preparation for determination of phosphorus



Mineralization units TDU 8 and TDUt 8 are intended for sample preparation for determination of phosphorus content in plant raw materials, feed and feed raw materials.

Thermal digesters TDU 8 and TDUt 8 are used for analysis by the method of “wet” ashing, which eliminates phosphorus losses.

The housing of mineralization unit is made of Stainless steel or metal coated with a chemically resistant powder paint. An aluminium block allows uniform heating of eight samples simultaneously. Heating temperature range: 25 °C – 450 °C. Flasks are placed in special racks in 2 rows at an angle of 45 °, that fix samples and exclude splashing when heated.

The thermal digester is controlled by a new generation microprocessor-based controller with a 5-inch colour display and Touchscreen function.

The user has the ability to independently set an almost unlimited number of programs with different power and heating time. The memory function of the last actions allows to return to the last stage and continue working regardless of power failures.

Bluetooth is used to configure the sending and receiving data parameters.
Wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi) enables a remote service diagnostic, software updates and obtaining information of an educational and advisory nature.

In basic versions the heating power is adjusted. TDUt 8 are equipped with temperature sensors and can be controlled to set temperature values (article 614 308 00)

The system is equipped with:
Heating block with rack, set of flasks (8x 50 ml), instruction manual.


Number of samples 8 x 50 ml
Controller microprocessor-based controller with a 5-inch Touchscreen colour display
Power consumption 1000 W
Heating temperature range 25 – 450 °С
Dimensions (W x D x H) 390x400x280 mm
Weight 12 kg


Name Article
Flask for TDU 8/TDUt 8, 50 ml, 1 pc/pk 614 008 04