Fibre 6 System

Article: 314 106 00
Determination of crude fibre in cereals, feed, food and other agricultural products



FIBRE 6 apparatus is used in the determination of crude fibre in cereals, feed, food and other agricultural products. Thanks to its versatility, accessibility and the ability to analyze up to 6 samples simultaneously, FIBER 6 becomes an indispensable apparatus in the laboratory.

Thanks to the thoughtfulness of the details, FIBER 6 has acquired a compact size. Glassware is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The BEGER heating platform guarantees the uniform boiling temperature. Thanks to the power adjustment the heating rate and the maximum temperature are reached in the shortest possible time.

The rack is equipped with a comfortable detachable haft for extracting samples from a hot solution.

The essence of the method is extracting soluble compounds from a sample with subsequent ashing. The ash-free residue is taken as crude fibre.

The system is equipped with:
Heating block, PTFE rack for 6 positions, detachable haft for 6 place rack, 1000 ml beaker, 6 x spacers, silicone hoses, stainless steel rack with clamp, spherical condenser, 30 x filter bags, instruction manual


Housing material Stainless Steel or metal coated with chemically resistant powder paint
Number of samples 6
Rated voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption 500 W
Power adjustment 10 – 100 %
Max. heating temperature 350 °С ± 10 %
Dimensions (W x D x H) 165 x 275 x 580 mm
Weight 5 kg


Name Article
Beaker for Fibre 6, 1000 ml, tall form with graduation 314 004 08
Spherical condenser, for Fibre 6 314 004 01
Spacers, Boro 3.3, for Fibre 6 314 004 02
Set of tube rack with haft, for Fibre 6 314 001 06