Scrubber SWP

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Exhaust Gas Removal Kit for digestors IDU/IDUt


Exhaust Gas Removal
It is used for the removal of toxic vapours generated during the digestion process of the sample during the analysis by the Kjeldahl method. The kit consists of a water jet pump and a hose. The material of the water jet pump is polypropylene (PP), the hoses are made of acid-resistant material.

Scrubber SWP for neutralization of vapours, gases
Scrubber SWP is designed for removal and further neutralization of toxic vapours and gases generated during digestion process.
Vapours are removed using a vacuum pump built into the scrubber, which extracts the gas and directs it to the alkali, where the steam/gas is neutralized, then it undergoes additional cleaning with water.

Water saving – no requirement for a connection to the water supply when using SWP!



Housing material Stainless Steel coated with acid-resistant powder paint
Airflow rate (max.) 28 L/min
Airflow adjustment yes
Max. power 100 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 395 x 410 x 345 mm
Weight 16.4 kg