Soxhlet extraction system FAT 2

Article: 414 102 00
Extraction according to the Soxhlet method with Dimroth condenser



The Soxhlet extraction method corresponds to the reference methods for the determination of total fat in samples. The essence of the method is to extract fat by repeated washing with a solvent, to determine the difference in masses before and after extraction.
Traditional extraction systems for the fat determination according to Soxhlet of the BEGER company are presented in 4 versions: FAT 1, FAT 2, FAT 4, FAT 6.
The apparatus is equipped with a Soxhlet extractor and a Dimroth or Allihn condensers.

The system is equipped with:
Heating block, Soxhlet extractors, Allihn or Dimroth condensers, adapters, rack, set of silicone hoses, round bottom receiving flasks 250 ml, key for adjusting the rack position, operating instruction, assembly and installation instruction.


Housing material Stainless Steel or metal coated with chemically resistant powder paint
Number of samples 2
Flask volume 250 ml
Power consumption 1 kW
Max. heating temperature 350 °С ± 10 %
Rated voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions with rack, without glass parts (W х D х H) 295 x 280 x 600 mm
Weight 8,6 kg


Name Article
Dimroth condenser 414 004 01
Allihn condenser 414 004 02
Soxhlet extractor, 100 ml. 414 004 03
Round bottom receiving flasks, 250 ml. 414 014 01
Removable adapter for round bottom flasks, 250 ml. 414 001 01
Cellulose extraction thimbles 33 х 80 mm, 25 pcs. 414 011 01
Silicone hose, 1 m. 414 015 01